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Be part of something big.

We value an open culture and flat structure with a hybrid work model that creates flexibility for your work environment and affords you the freedom to reach your potential. From employee recognition, to our ‘Blast Talks' facts and snacks learning series, and team celebrations, we strive to keep work fun, interactive, engaging and a place where you can be your authentic self. And when we change the world of cybersecurity for the better, we share the success. The chance to transform the world is closer than you think. (A few clicks to be exact.)

In this cloud-first world, we’re the first name in cybersecurity.

We were among the first to recognize the cloud’s potential and we created a completely new company to lead the way. Data-aware cloud security allows organizations to collaborate from any device from anywhere without sacrificing their security.

As you might imagine, we’re moving fast. You’ll have endless opportunities to contribute, and those opportunities won’t be limited to your area of expertise. Here, there are no egos; this is how we learn from each other.

We take flexibility to another level.

Hybrid? Love the office? Enjoy the commute from your living room to your work space? We provide the ultimate flexibility to afford you the best working space for you. Whether it's unlimited snacks in your kitchen or ours, our team is collaborating all over the world.


Ready to invest in your future?

Bring us your ideas, don’t forget your ambition, and of course all of the things that make you uniquely you! Here your thinking is more than welcomed; it’s the key to continuing our growth and success. So be ready to speak up. Go ahead and push the boundaries. Better futures start here.